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55 and Over: The Happening

Group type: Small Groups
Schedule: 3rd Friday of each Month at 5:30 PM
Group Type: All Groups Group Type: Adult Group Type: Ongoing Regularity: Monthly
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Leader: Steve Heath
Duration: Ongoing

We're a gathering of men and women, 55 and over, who connect over a potluck dinner from 5:30-8:00pm on the 3rd Friday of each month.  There's room for your at the table! 
  • Leaders
  • Al Schaap

  • Becky Noe

  • Betty Goudy

  • Deborah Hines

  • Elaine Moore

  • Lewis Frigyes

  • Lynn Nicholas

  • Mark Humphreys

  • Nadine Smaby

  • Penny Frigyes

  • Steven Heath

  • Tina Longo